10 Must Haves in a Newborn Nursery

10 Must Haves in a Newborn Nursery

Becoming a first-time Mum is a magical experience, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. While taking care of your baby when they're still in your belly, you'll also need to prepare for their life when they are born.

One of the biggest factors to think about is the newborn nursery. Where is it going to be? What is it going to contain?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, don't fret. Our guide on the must-haves in a newborn nursery can help you out.

1. Cot

No newborn nursery is complete without the addition of a cot. Many new Mums don't want their baby to sleep in a cot during the first few months, but it is still a good idea to get one before your child is born.

Cots are safe spaces where you can place your newborn while completing a task or to get them comfortable with the nursery.

Ecostork has multiple cot options depending on the style of nursery and features you want for your newborn. For example, the Leander Linea Cot has four different settings so that the bed can adjust as your newborn grows.


Leander Linea Baby Cot

2. Mattress

A newborn craves comfort just like the rest of us. If your baby is not comfortable in their cot or bassinet, you are going to hear it through their cries.

This is just one reason why it is so important to choose the right mattress for your newborn. If you opt for a Leander Classic Cot, you will have a variety of mattresses to choose from.

One of our favourites is the Comfort +7 cot mattress that features two sides. One side is for newborns and the other is for toddlers. Just another way to save money as your baby grows.

3. Mattress Protector

Accidents are bound to happen with a newborn and may occur in the cot. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase a mattress protector.

Not just any mattress protector will do the job, you'll need one that is highly absorbent and machine washable. This way, when an accident does happen, cleaning it up will be a breeze.

4. Sheets

Whether you get a cot, bassinet, or both, you'll need a fitted sheet to go over the mattress of your choosing. At Ecostork, we offer organic cotton and bamboo fitted sheets that can match your baby nursery decor.

For a cot, we offer organic packs of sheets in snow, cappuccino, dusty rose, and cool grey.

This is something often overlooked on a nursery checklist for a newborn, but it is important to have. A fitted sheet may come on its own or in a pack of sheets.

When buying a fitted sheet, organic options are going to last longer and be better for your newborn. With the combination of cotton and bamboo, your baby will reap many benefits.

The cotton keeps the fitted sheet soft while the bamboo is great for moisture-wicking. Bamboo fabric is becoming more popular in nurseries because it is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.

5. Swaddles

One of the best baby nursery ideas is having multiple swaddles on hand when you need them. Ecostork has an abundance of baby swaddles made with organic cotton and bamboo.

Just like bamboo sheets, bamboo swaddles have many benefits for your newborn and the planet. It is a breathable and eco-friendly fabric that is 100% biodegradable.

You can purchase a soft stretch bamboo jersey swaddle from Mulberry Threads.


Mulberry Threads Bamboo Baby Swaddle

6. Baby Comforter

Sheets may not be enough to satisfy your newborn when they make the switch from your arms to their cot. To make this process easier on them, purchase a comforter that they can snuggle with.

O.B. Designs makes baby comforters using soft and tactile fabrics. Lovable designs include a bunny, koala and dog. This makes things easier on Mum and newborn who are used to co-dependent sleeping arrangements.

7. Storage

Keep your nursery organised with a dedicated storage space for baby's clothes. A great addition to your nursery is the contemporary Leander Linea™ Dresser. It is made from European beech and has three spacious drawers on soft closing runners with grey felt handles.

8. Changing Mat

A changing mat offers a safe and stable place to change your newborn in the nursery. When shopping around for a changing mat, look for these key features:

  • Soft material
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable surface
  • Non-slip base
  • Easy to clean

The Matty Change Mat includes these features and more along with a variety of colours to choose from.


Leander Matty Baby Change Mat

9. Pacifier

To help your newborn get used to their cot and nursery, try using a pacifier. HEVEA's orthodontic pacifier comes in different sizes and can be used to maintain good oral health and as a comfort mechanism for your newborn.

10. Baby Toys

From rattles to racing cars to blocks, a nursery should be filled with baby toys. Pro tip: Baby toys are another way to stimulate your child's development so be sure to buy them!

Creating the Perfect Newborn Nursery

As a new Mum, you've probably dreamed up the perfect newborn nursery in your head. However, 'baby brain' can make things difficult.

By using this guide, you can check off the most important items needed for your baby's nursery. When your baby is born, they'll have an amazing and safe environment to grow up in.

Looking for more items to purchase before your newborn makes their way into the world? Check out our newest collection for ideas.

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