Everything You Need to Know about Washing Your Baby's Hair

Everything You Need to Know about Washing Your Baby's Hair

While some babies are born with a full head of hair, most babies are born bald. It’s nothing to worry about if your baby is lacking hair, as it will grow soon enough. It is common for newborns to shed any hair they have within the first few months, but this is usually followed with new hair growth that gets longer and thicker over time.  

While you are waiting for those baby locks to grow, here’s what you need to know about washing your baby’s hair:

  • For the first 4-6 weeks, rinsing your baby’s hair with warm water during bath time is adequate.
  • As your baby gets older and the hair starts to grow, it is a good time to transition to using a dedicated baby shampoo. Preferably a mild, natural non-toxic shampoo
  • Proper hair care is important, and like all things baby related, it is ideal to establish a routine early on.
  • Baby hair doesn’t need to be washed daily. It can be washed every few days, with a mild, gentle baby shampoo.
  • Even if your baby doesn’t have hair, it is good idea to still wash their head as it helps to stimulate the scalp and gets your baby used to having their hair washed.
  • It is best to rinse the hair using a baby shampoo rinser so water runs through the child’s hair, avoiding the eye area.
  • Once out of the bath, gently dry the hair and scalp with a soft towel. You can comb your baby’s hair with a wide toothed comb.
  • Try to avoid headbands or ponytails, as they can be tight and damaging to the hair.
  • Finally – don’t forget to cut off a lock as the hair grows, and keep it with your other baby keepsakes!


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