Easily Reduce Your Plastic Use with these 7 Easy Swaps

Easily Reduce Your Plastic Use with these 8 Easy Swaps

While plastic baby products are cheap and readily available, they have a costly effect on our environment. Plastic pollution is a global problem and unfortunately a lot of plastic waste ends up in our rivers and oceans.

Each of us can play our part in reducing and preventing unnecessary plastic waste.  Here are some simple swaps you can make to reduce plastic waste at home:

1. Swap Cling Wrap for Silicone Storage Containers

When storing food at home, there are many alternatives you can use, to single use plastic cling wrap. Wax wraps, silicone bowl toppers and silicone storage containers are some of the many great options.

We love the Weanmeister range for food storage. The Adorabowls come with an easy open/easy close suction lid. They are freezer safe, oven safe and microwave safe.

And the Freezer Pods are ideal for making home made baby food. Each pod has 9 ideal portion sizes, and can be stored in the freezer. Silicone is food safe, durable and flexible - it won’t snap like plastic.

2. Swap Plastic Dinnerware with Bamboo Dinnerware

Another alternative to plastic is to use bamboo. We love the bamboo dinnerware range from Love Mae. The range includes sippy cups, divided dinner plates, spoons and cups with gorgeous designs for little ones. This eco-friendly range is mostly made from natural fibres and therefore will mostly decompose, unlike plastic.


Love Mae Bamboo Dinner Set

3. Swap Plastic Teethers with Natural Rubber Teethers

Plastic not only pollutes our communities, but it is also harmful for babies. Plastic teethers are cheap and readily available, but many contain harmful phthalates, parabens, bisphenols and other nasty chemicals. Not ideal for your baby to chew on!

A safer alternative for both baby and the environment is Hevea natural rubber teethers.  Made entirely of pure natural rubber, these teethers are completely free of plastic. The hygienic one piece design is easy for baby to grip, and has textured surfaces for soothing irritated gums.

4. Swap Plastic Baby Bottles with Glass Baby Bottles

When you are starting your baby on bottles, it is tempting to buy plastic bottles, as they are readily available, low cost, lightweight and durable. However, there are some concerns over the safety of using plastic bottles as some of the chemicals in the plastic can slowly seep into the milk, which are then ingested by your baby.

A safer alternative to plastic, is to use glass baby bottles. Ecostork loves Lifefactory baby bottles made with high quality thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass. Each bottle has a protective silicone sleeve that helps prevent breakage and provides an easier grip.


Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles with Silicone Sleeve

5. Swap Plastic Toys with Wooden Toys

Plastic toys are readily available and cheap to buy, but they are contributing to the tonnes of plastic waste ending up each year in landfill. An alternative option is to buy wooden toys.

At Ecostork we love the Moover toy rangeMoover toys create safe, high quality wooden toys using sustainably sourced materials.  By continuously improving their way of working, Moover can minimise their footprint and give children a happy childhood as well as a bright future.


6. Swap Plastic Baby Books with Cotton Baby Books

Replace cheap plastic baby books, with a more sustainable option. At Ecostork, we love RMS Publishing's Baby Books which are crafted from 100% cotton, with 100% natural corn fibre filling.

RMS Publishing are focused on designing natural, sustainable and practical book s that are developmentally appropriate for babies.


RMS Publishing Soft Baby Books

7. Swap a Plastic Play Gym with a Wooden Play Gym

Featuring a solid birchwood frame, the MioPlay baby play gym has six silicone hanging toys for visual and sensory stimulation. This stylish play gym has been designed to enhance the physical and cognitive development of your baby. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. For children aged 0-12 months.


Mioplay Wooden Baby Play Gym

If each of us makes small changes, collectively this will make a huge difference to our communities. Encourage your friends and family to get involved in finding great alternatives to single-use plastic waste.

What tips do you have for reducing plastic waste?

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