Everything You Need to Know About Using Cloth Wipes

Cheeky Wipes Cloth Baby Wipes Kit

Making the switch from single use baby wipes to reusable cloth wipes is a great way to reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill.

Not only will it save you money, but it also means there will be no more late night trips to the shops when you run out of disposable wipes.

If you are thinking about making the switch to cloth wipes, here’s everything you need to know to get started:

1) What are Cloth Wipes?

Cloth wipes are reusable fabric wipes, designed for use at nappy change time. There are different types of cloth wipes available in fabrics such as cotton and bamboo. They are designed to be soft and absorbent.

Ecostork loves the Cheeky Wipes All In One Cloth Wipes Kit. It contains everything you need to use your cloth wipes at home, and when you are out.


Cheeky Wipes Cloth Wipes Kit

2) What are the Benefits of Using Cloth Wipes?

Better for Baby

Baby’s skin is soft and sensitive and needs to be protected. Disposable wipes are a quick and easy solution for nappy changes, but the chemicals used to make these wipes can affect your baby’s skin.

Many of the ingredients found in disposable baby wipes are linked to skin irritations, rashes, eczema and allergic conditions and are not well tolerated by babies with sensitivities. 

Cloth Wipes are an eco-friendly, natural way to clean your baby at change time. By choosing a soft cloth baby wipe you are reducing the exposure of your baby’s skin to toxins.

Better for the Planet

Think about the number of disposable wipes being used each day. If you used eight wipes per day for two years, that would equal 5,840 wipes going into landfill.

In 2016-17 the Australian economy had 19.0 megatonnes of waste sent to landfill for disposal. (source: Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Using cloth wipes is a simple switch that is as easy as recycling your newspapers, glass and tins. No more disposable baby wipes being sent to landfill.

Cost Effective

Using cloth wipes can save you up to $1500 over two years versus using disposable wipes.

Buying two packs of disposable baby wipes per week at up to $8 per pack in the first two years of your baby’s life adds up to a huge $1664!

Ecostork recommends investing in a Cheeky Wipes All In One Cloth Wipes Kit which costs $110. That’s a big saving!

Some Mums continue using their Cheeky Wipes kit for their second and third child, meaning the savings are even greater. 

3) How do I use Cloth Wipes?

At Home

Keep a pile of wipes on hand at your nappy change table. They are most effective when used damp. Keep some water in a spray bottle, and give your cloth wipe a few sprays of water before use.

If you are using a Cheeky Wipes Kit, you can make a solution of water with a few drops of the safe essential oil provided in the kit.

Cloth baby wipes can clean the messiest of nappy changes with just one wipe. Dirty wipes can be put into a dry pail ready for wash time.

On the Go

Grab a handful of clean baby wipes and put them in a zipped wet bag together with your spray bottle. Take a second zipped wet bag to store the dirty wipes until you get home.

Once you arrive home, put the dirty wipes into the dry pail ready for washing.


Bamboo Cloth Baby Wipes

4) How Do I Wash Cloth Wipes?

  • Discard solid waste into the toilet
  • Rinse your wipes
  • Dry Pail until you are ready to wash
  • Wash in a wipes only load or with cloth nappies
  • Wash on a warm or hot cycle (follow manufacturer’s instructions on water temperature)
  • Line dry in the sun

If you use Cheeky Wipes, you can soak your cloth baby wipes with the antibacterial essential oil provided in your kit, so that your baby wipes come out beautifully clean and fresh.


Ecostork recommends approximately 20-25 cloth wipes for full time use, depending how often you wash. Choose natural fibres for your cloth wipes and say goodbye to disposable wipes for good!

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