My Little Gumnut
Reusable Cloth Swim Nappy Urban Jungle 18-36 months

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My Little Gumnut Swim Nappy Jungle
My Little Gumnut Cloth Swim Nappy

Adjustable Swim Nappy for 18-36 months

Reusable cloth swimming nappy by My Little Gumnut. No inserts are required as the mesh inner lining is specifically designed to catch solids while allowing liquid to flow through - meaning the nappy does not absorb water and become bulky and uncomfortable.

Simply put on your baby, adjust to the correct size and enjoy your swim! Suitable for public swimming pools and will fit nicely under baby's swimmers.


Swim nappies are made with soft and smooth Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) with a mesh inner lining


Simply put on your baby and adjust to the correct size. No inserts needed.

Caring for your MCN’s is pain-free with these 4 easy steps:

1) Rinse off any solids

2) Place in a dry bucket with a lid

3) Machine wash with your usual detergent (a quarter to half a scoop only)

4) Line dry in the sun.

The sun will act as a natural disinfectant and draw out any stains, eliminating the need to use whiteners, brighteners or softeners.

We recommend using a washing detergent that is made with natural materials as this will be gentler on the fabrics and eliminate any leaking. We also recommend using a powder detergent rather than liquid and always use cold water to wash your nappies as ongoing exposure to heat can effect the elastics in the nappy. Never dry your swimming nappies in the dryer.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend washing these nappies in cold water and line drying in the sun. If you prefer to wash in warm water, never wash your nappies in water hotter than 60 degrees Celsius.

My Little Gumnut Swim Nappy Jungle
My Little Gumnut Cloth Swim Nappy