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Bare Cub AI2 Cloth Nappy PUL Sugar Gliders

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Baby Bare AI2 Reusable Cloth Nappy Sugar Gliders
Baby Bare Nappy Inserts

Baby Bare Adjustable Cloth Nappy for Babies approx. 3.5kg - 16kg

The signature and most popular style, this All in Two (AI2) nappy in smooth PUL fabric is trim fitting, super absorbent and stylish. Your little one will be comfortable with stretchy soft elastics and premium fabrics.


  • Three easy to use pieces - cover, snap in insert & booster.
  • A suede cloth lining to keep your baby dry and comfortable.
  • Absorbency is super soft and highest absorbency 450GSM Bamboo Fleece.
  • A pocket opening in the back of the nappy to enable boosting for night time, making this a versatile and functional nappy.
  • For newborns, simply use one insert to create a slim fitting nappy that will fit from 3.5 kg. You can achieve extra nappy changes by using the extra bamboo booster on its own when your baby is small.
  • Each nappy features a stunning print from our collection of wearable art. 


First Use

It's important that cloth nappies have been thoroughly washed before they are worn for the first time to enable them to be absorbent.

Fabrics will become more absorbent over their first 6-8 washes. To maximise the absorbency you can prepare your nappies. Firstly, put them in the laundry tub, or a bucket of hot water from the tap. Soak them overnight. Then in the morning, wash the nappies on a normal wash cycle with a rinse. Use a full dose of detergent as specified on the detergent instructions.

If you choose not to soak overnight, that is fine. It will take a few washes for your nappies reach their most absorbent, but they are still very useable after their first wash. Hang your nappies in the sun to dry.

Ongoing Use
  • Nappies should be dry pailed in an open container available to light and air flow. Remove any soiling and rinse leftover solids from nappies. 
  • Pre-Wash your cloth nappies on a cycle of 30-40 (max 60) degrees with a half dose of detergent. Follow with a full intensive cycle with the recommended amount of a detergent (max 60 degrees). We recommend a good quality detergent (no soap flakes or similar). Be sure to follow the instructions on your detergent. 
  • Hang nappies to dry. Avoid using the drier on covers.
  • Do not leave nappies longer than 48 hours before completing a full wash on them. Nappies left longer than 48 hours will not be covered under warranty for signs of deterioration. This includes nappies that are prewashed and left. Nappies that are prewashed and stored should still be fully washed within 48 hours. 

    If your nappies do not look clean or develop smells we recommend considering the following:

    • changing your detergent in particular if you are using an eco detergent.
    • washing on a warm cycle rather then cold.
    • using more detergent and ensuring there is enough water being used in the cycle. Many front loaders do not add enough water to the cycle.

    Be aware that nappies showing signs of stains and poor wash will not be covered by warranty as this is a sign of  inadequate care. 

    Using the Dryer

    We recommend you avoid using a dryer as much as possible. However, if you must use the dryer make sure you take the following into account:

    • Inserts: inserts can go into the dryer, even on a hotter setting (beware it may lead to excess shrinkage). You may even want to throw your nappies in for ten minutes after a day of drying to make sure they are really as dry as possible or to soften up the bamboo.
    • Nappy Shells should not be placed in the drier. This will void your warranty.
    Baby Bare AI2 Reusable Cloth Nappy Sugar Gliders
    Baby Bare Nappy Inserts