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Reusable Cloth Swim Nappy Feathers


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Bare and Boho Swim Nappy Feathers
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Bare and Boho One-Size-Fits-Most Reusable Swim Nappy
Designed to contain solid waste with their single gusset feature. They are reusable and washable, saving money and excess waste!

These swim nappies are not designed with any added absorbency, as they will become too heavy in the water for bub - with the danger of weighing them down. They are designed to be lightweight, with leg gussets to safely contain number 2's, but allow for water and urine to flow through.

You can, however, add in one insert for when bub is OUT of the water - by laying it in the shell for a layer of absorbency, but as a precaution rather than a snap-in feature.


Cloth nappy shells feature a double layer of soft polyester urethane laminate


FIRST TIME USE: Inserts consisting of natural fibres require pre-washing to increase absorbency. Wash inserts in a regular cycle (30-40 degrees) 2-5 times. Detergent needed for first cycle only. Don't dry in between washes. Slight shrinkage with a natural fibre insert may occur. Once washed, remove inserts from machine and stretch to shape.

SOILED NAPPY: Shake off/use toilet paper to scrape any waste off inserts into toilet. For heavy soiling/urination, hand rise insert under laundry tap to remove excess. Squeeze water out and place in a dry bucket with air flow, until the next machine wash.

PRE WASH: Every 24-48 hours, unload bucket contents into washing machine. Wash on 30-45 minute rinse cycle to removed excess. Choose a cycle that empties machine of soiled water once complete. Max 30 degrees. Use 1/2 dose of recommended detergent.

MAIN WASH: 1-2 hour long heavy cycle, maximum 40 degree. Use recommended dose of detergent. Add general household laundry if not washing enough nappies to fill 2/3 of the machine when wet.

DRYING: Direct sunlight/air dry/tumble dry on delicate for inserts and boosters ONLY. Nappy Shells are to be line dried in the shade ensuring patterned side faced upwards
Bare and Boho Swim Nappy Feathers
Bare and Boho Nappies Boys
Swim Nappies Beach Baby